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iPad 2 is here! New design is faster, lighter, and comes with new features like front and rear cameras.

March 2nd, 2011 No comments
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Well, its here, the iPad 2. If you want a quick summary of what its about, the picture above does a great job of telling you in roughly 1012 words or so (the picture being worth 1000 words).

The iPad 2 has a brand new design. Its 33% thinner according to Apple at just 8.8mm compared to the older iPad at 13.2mm. That is actually the first time I’ve realized the thinness of the old iPad in millimeters, but thats OK. I actually caught something curious here, as you can see in the Engadget live blog of the event.

Click here for all of the details about the iPad 2!

Playstation 3s being blocked from Europe

March 1st, 2011 No comments

LG and Sony have been going at it with legal battles in the last month or so with each accusing the other of patent infringement and such. LG had struck back at Sony asking that PS3 sales be blocked in certain territories, such as the U.S.A and Europe. Well, it looks like LG have been successful in blocking shipment of the PS3 to Europe very recently, and shipments are reportedly being seized by customs for at least 10 days.

It is being reported that could turn into more than 10 days, which could certainly cause a shortage and artificial price hikes for existing inventories until the ban is lifted. Luckily for Sony, it is not currently the Christmas buying season, but this is still a VERY serious problem for Sony, and it is safe to say that Sony are probably frantically trying to get the ban removed and resume shipments of PS3s to Europe. Retailers apparently usually have enough inventory for 2-4 weeks, so I’d say thats about how much time Sony have before all hell breaks loose.

I’m sure there are many people out there that would love to see Sony suffer big for this one after the whole fiasco over Sony suing a group of hackers for ‘unauthorized’ hacking of the PS3. But thats another topic for another day.


Nintendo 3DS North American launch date confirmed

March 1st, 2011 No comments

Nintendo appears to have confirmed the North American release date of their new portable system, the Nintendo 3DS. That date is March 27th, 2011, and will release with 18 available games, most with an MSRP of $39.99. 5 of those games will be from Nintendo themselves, while the remaining 13 would be from third party developers. Some of the games available immediately would include Street Fighter IV 3D edition and Pilotwings Resort, while games like The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D will be available by the end of 2011. It sounds like there will be a lot of 3D remakes!

Click here for more details including MSRP, available colors, and the full list of the 18 launch titles

Another day, another tablet. Welcome, HTC ‘flyer’!

February 15th, 2011 No comments

HTC the latest company to enter the tablet wars!

Ok guys, at this point, it just feels like “UGH! yet ANOTHER tablet!?”. Well, thats exactly what we have here, a new tablet by HTC! Right from the get-go, I don’t like this tablet. Why? Well, they claim it’ll have a single core 1.5ghz processor for starters. I’m a big believer in dual cores are superior to one super clocked core. They also say it has a 7 inch screen, as well as a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. They also mention a 4000mah battery capable of 4 hours of continuous video, while I am pretty sure the iPad gets 10…soooo yeah. Round that out with an Android 2.4 (yes, it says 2.4) Gingerbread OS with HTC Sense layered on top, which most people agree that Honeycomb should be powering anything over 5 inches (“tablets”) and it doesn’t exactly instill confidence.

Notice how I didn’t say this product would fail though, simply that I didn’t like it. I don’t like it because it doesn’t seem to be a high end product, its more like a mid-upper range. Nonetheless, HTC’s strategy may be price on this one, judging from its somewhat unusual choices in hardware, such as the slightly lacking megapixel cameras and single core processor. I also think most people want a 10 inch screen on their tablet, and 7 is sorta an in-between that nobody really seems to want anymore. However, again that 7 inch screen may reduce component costs, lowering the ultimate bottom line? We’ll find out eventually, I suppose.

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The ‘Playstation Phone’ makes a superbowl appearance!

February 9th, 2011 No comments

The ‘Playstation Phone’ gets a superbowl commercial

The ‘Playstation Phone’, which, for the record, I think will flop, released a new commercial during the Superbowl. Thats some serious marketing muscle they are putting behind this phone for an introduction, isn’t it? As for the release date, it similarly will be officially announced on February 13th, though unlike the Atrix, its official release date is a bit more vague at “sometime in March 2011”. I honestly don’t see how this phone will compete in hype with the Atrix unless it can play some or all of the existing sony titles. To me, it just seems like they took a standard somewhat high end smartphone and put Playstation-like buttons instead of a keyboard. If those buttons do not become a key feature, there is absolutely nothing noteworthy that differentiates this smartphone. Perhaps it is Sony’s attempt to fill in the void while people wait for the PSP2 due much later this year?

Click here for the gallery and video!

The ‘Playstation phone’ is leaked! Called ‘Xperia Play’.

January 29th, 2011 No comments

“Playstation phone” A.K.A. Xperia Play leaked

Although not mentioned officially, tech site Engadget was able to sneak a sample of the new “Playstation Phone” rumor going around, which is actually is more likely to be called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Until just a couple days ago, nobody could really confirm the device existed, or that it would ever be released. Now we have a full gallery, possible specs, and a possible product name. What a difference a day makes, eh?

More pictures and possible specs after the break…

Sony’s new ‘PSP2’ officially announced

January 29th, 2011 No comments

The Sony PSP2 officially announced

Yesterday, Sony announced their next generation portable console, the PSP2 (clever, I know). Formerly known as the NGP or Next Generation Portable, it will have 2 joysticks instead of the current PSP’s “nub”, a 5 inch screen, and a 960×544 resolution on OLED technology (although the technology used in the screen is seeing conflicting reports…). The resolution is exactly 4 times the number of pixels compared to the original PSP, probably for compatibility or ease of porting and development of PSP and PSP2 applications and games, much in the same way Apple doubled the resolution of the iPhone. To put it into perspective, it is almost as high res as an iPhone 4 screen, only the PSP2 screen will be 5 inches, while the iPhone 4 is a more compact 3.5 inches. Right off the bat, we know it will not be as sharp as the retina display’s 326ppi, but a more humble ~220ppi depending on aspect ratio. Thats not necessarily a bad thing though, since it still does sport a very respectable resolution and a BIG screen for a handheld gaming system.

The new PSP2 features some other impressive specs, easily besting its own predecessor. The PSP2 will sport, among other things:

Known Specs:
-Touch screen functionality
-Wifi? and 3G
-Front and rear cameras
-Motion sensors and gyroscope
-App store
-ARM Cortex A9 based quad core processor
-PowerVR SGX543MP4+
-Sony claims power is comparable to PS3

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