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Nintendo 3DS North American launch date confirmed

March 1st, 2011 No comments

Nintendo appears to have confirmed the North American release date of their new portable system, the Nintendo 3DS. That date is March 27th, 2011, and will release with 18 available games, most with an MSRP of $39.99. 5 of those games will be from Nintendo themselves, while the remaining 13 would be from third party developers. Some of the games available immediately would include Street Fighter IV 3D edition and Pilotwings Resort, while games like The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D will be available by the end of 2011. It sounds like there will be a lot of 3D remakes!

Click here for more details including MSRP, available colors, and the full list of the 18 launch titles

Sony’s new ‘PSP2’ officially announced

January 29th, 2011 No comments

The Sony PSP2 officially announced

Yesterday, Sony announced their next generation portable console, the PSP2 (clever, I know). Formerly known as the NGP or Next Generation Portable, it will have 2 joysticks instead of the current PSP’s “nub”, a 5 inch screen, and a 960×544 resolution on OLED technology (although the technology used in the screen is seeing conflicting reports…). The resolution is exactly 4 times the number of pixels compared to the original PSP, probably for compatibility or ease of porting and development of PSP and PSP2 applications and games, much in the same way Apple doubled the resolution of the iPhone. To put it into perspective, it is almost as high res as an iPhone 4 screen, only the PSP2 screen will be 5 inches, while the iPhone 4 is a more compact 3.5 inches. Right off the bat, we know it will not be as sharp as the retina display’s 326ppi, but a more humble ~220ppi depending on aspect ratio. Thats not necessarily a bad thing though, since it still does sport a very respectable resolution and a BIG screen for a handheld gaming system.

The new PSP2 features some other impressive specs, easily besting its own predecessor. The PSP2 will sport, among other things:

Known Specs:
-Touch screen functionality
-Wifi? and 3G
-Front and rear cameras
-Motion sensors and gyroscope
-App store
-ARM Cortex A9 based quad core processor
-PowerVR SGX543MP4+
-Sony claims power is comparable to PS3

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