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At what point is a screen too big to be ‘mobile’?

January 29th, 2011 No comments

Screen Sizes: How big is too big?

At what point is a screen too big to be portable? The old PSP had a 4.3 inch screen, and while I felt it was generous, I never felt like it was too big to not be portable. The popular HTC EVO phone also sports a 4.3 inch touchscreen, and I felt it was the perfect size. Big enough to comfortably browse the internet or watch videos on, yet still manageable to carry around without a second thought. At some point though, it becomes too big to be a handheld, not to mention weight may start to become a concern at a certain size. The perfect guinea pig for the 5 inch screen size is the Dell Streak, which I hear was not marketed as a phone, but more of a tablet. Well, at least to me, hardware with a tablet interface (touchscreen), tablet OS (Android…), and phone functionality included IS A PHONE! Reviews I have seen or read have said the Dell pushes the size just a pinch too far, making it too big to be portable, yet too small to be useful or comfortable as a tablet. On the other hand, I’m sure Sony have done the research and feel this is what they need in their next portable console to duke it out with the Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the current market leader, the Nintendo DSi.


Sony’s new ‘PSP2’ officially announced

January 29th, 2011 No comments

The Sony PSP2 officially announced

Yesterday, Sony announced their next generation portable console, the PSP2 (clever, I know). Formerly known as the NGP or Next Generation Portable, it will have 2 joysticks instead of the current PSP’s “nub”, a 5 inch screen, and a 960×544 resolution on OLED technology (although the technology used in the screen is seeing conflicting reports…). The resolution is exactly 4 times the number of pixels compared to the original PSP, probably for compatibility or ease of porting and development of PSP and PSP2 applications and games, much in the same way Apple doubled the resolution of the iPhone. To put it into perspective, it is almost as high res as an iPhone 4 screen, only the PSP2 screen will be 5 inches, while the iPhone 4 is a more compact 3.5 inches. Right off the bat, we know it will not be as sharp as the retina display’s 326ppi, but a more humble ~220ppi depending on aspect ratio. Thats not necessarily a bad thing though, since it still does sport a very respectable resolution and a BIG screen for a handheld gaming system.

The new PSP2 features some other impressive specs, easily besting its own predecessor. The PSP2 will sport, among other things:

Known Specs:
-Touch screen functionality
-Wifi? and 3G
-Front and rear cameras
-Motion sensors and gyroscope
-App store
-ARM Cortex A9 based quad core processor
-PowerVR SGX543MP4+
-Sony claims power is comparable to PS3

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Tablet

September 2nd, 2010 No comments

Samsung today revealed their much anticipated iPad competitor based on Android Froyo.. It is a 7 inch tablet with 512mb of ram and a 1ghz A8 ARM processor, so I’d say it’ll be similar to the iPad in speed (its obvious main competitor), but have twice as much ram. The Samsung also differs in the smaller size and almost half the weight, as well as the inclusion of a 3.2mp rear camera and a 1.3mp front camera. The Samsung can take external SD cards, and runs Android Froyo. By running Android Froyo, it supports lots of things the iPad with iOS does not, a couple of which are Adobe Flash and what is considered by many as more powerful multitasking support.

Owning an iPad myself, however, I can say that there are a couple of overlooked features that should not be forgotten. A huge feature of the iPad that is often overlooked is the battery life. It is really good – basically I never have to worry about the battery, and I just leave it lying around. Once in a while I’ll charge it for a few hours and its topped back up.

Another feature and DEFINITELY overlooked about all Apple products is that they tend to hold value better. When I need to sell an Apple device for whatever reason, I find I get closer to the price I paid in comparison to products from other companies. While this is not a huge deal to everyone, I for one often end up selling my old electronics and rarely keep them until they are run into the ground.

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New iPods, and a new redesigned $99 Apple TV, oh my!

September 2nd, 2010 No comments
So, if you are keeping up with the tech world, you know the two biggest recent announcements are from Apple and Samsung. Apple yesterday released a whole new lineup of iPods and a new Apple TV, as well as iOS announcement, while Samsung today revealed their much anticipated iPad competitor based on Android Froyo.

I’m going to focus on my thoughts on the new iPods.

The shuffle is my favorite shuffle out of all the shuffles. The design is symmetrical, has the click wheel, clip, and small size with all the latest features. Unlike the previous generation which relied on buttons being on the headset, the new shuffle truly is the best of all worlds. Well, with the exception of not having a display. I like it.

iPod Nano 6th generation.

The nano on the other hand, is a huge step backward, in my opinion. In fact, its the biggest step backward I can recall in an Apple product. What Apple doesn’t mention is that the new nano has a smaller 1.54 inch screen compared to the 2.2 inch screen of the previous nano, and also no longer has a built in camera, or even a mic! There are no tactile buttons, meaning you MUST look at the nano to do anything such as skip songs, and to add insult to injury, its the thickest nano ever made, is available in less colors, and doesn’t have the iconic clickwheel to identify it as a nano visually. The capacities aren’t any larger either, and the prices are not significantly lower. I feel they had it right in the 4th generation nano. That nano was the nano design perfected. The nano doesn’t need a camera, or a mic, its more focused that way. The addition of the camera and mic made the back of the nano a whole lot uglier in what was otherwise a beautiful design.

Details about the new iPod Touch and Apple TV follows…

iPhone screen protector advice

July 29th, 2010 No comments

Whether you should get a screen protector for your iPhone depends on your preferences. Here are just me and my friends experiences and my advice based on 7 unique iPhones of different generations.

Between me and my friends we have 1 original iPhone, 2 iPhone 3G, and 4 iPhone 3Gs. None have used any sort of screen protection. The only iPhone model to get scratches on the screen is the 3Gs, and the reason is because starting with the 3Gs, iPhones have a ‘oleophobic coating’. At least one Youtuber has also claimed in his video that his unprotected iPhone 4 screen has very minor scratches on it. It is actually the coating that gets scratched, not the glass. A screen protector therefore is recommended for all iDevices with a oleophobic coating, such as iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 3G if you wish to keep your screen PERFECT. Anything newer iDevice will presumably all have the oleophobic coating.

And for the record, I’ve owned both the iPhone 3G and the 3Gs and used it in a very reasonable way, never dropped and just in and out of its exclusive pocket (nothing else is carried in the pocket I keep my phone). iPhone 3G has not seen any scratches in almost 2 years, while the 3Gs got scratches on the coating in just a month. Its not easily visible though, so you only need a screen protector if you want to keep your phone PERFECT. The scratched coating is very unnoticeable and does not effect everyday use. Of course this is just my experience.

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