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Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab Tablet

September 2nd, 2010 No comments

Samsung today revealed their much anticipated iPad competitor based on Android Froyo.. It is a 7 inch tablet with 512mb of ram and a 1ghz A8 ARM processor, so I’d say it’ll be similar to the iPad in speed (its obvious main competitor), but have twice as much ram. The Samsung also differs in the smaller size and almost half the weight, as well as the inclusion of a 3.2mp rear camera and a 1.3mp front camera. The Samsung can take external SD cards, and runs Android Froyo. By running Android Froyo, it supports lots of things the iPad with iOS does not, a couple of which are Adobe Flash and what is considered by many as more powerful multitasking support.

Owning an iPad myself, however, I can say that there are a couple of overlooked features that should not be forgotten. A huge feature of the iPad that is often overlooked is the battery life. It is really good – basically I never have to worry about the battery, and I just leave it lying around. Once in a while I’ll charge it for a few hours and its topped back up.

Another feature and DEFINITELY overlooked about all Apple products is that they tend to hold value better. When I need to sell an Apple device for whatever reason, I find I get closer to the price I paid in comparison to products from other companies. While this is not a huge deal to everyone, I for one often end up selling my old electronics and rarely keep them until they are run into the ground.

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