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HTC Evo 4G, Droid, and other devices to get Android 2.2 Froyo soon.

Its official, the Evo will begin to get access to official Froyo goodness on August 3rd, 2010. Almost as if in response to this, Verizon also announced that the original Droid will get the update sometime “next week”, with some sources claiming August 6th, Friday. Verizon may take that opportunity to also update their other HTC devices, namely the Droid X and the Droid Incredible. It is also said the HTC Desire will get the 2.2 treatment very soon, again from several swirling web rumors and sources. While nothing seems to be very clear apart from the Evo at the moment, it seem to be clear that several high profile devices will be getting Froyo in the coming weeks, and thats a great thing for Android device users, because Froyo is a big update.

So, whats so special about Android 2.2 over Android 2.1? For one thing, I know people that have used Froyo on a Nexus one (Google’s official phone) for a while now and they seem to feel that Froyo speeds up the Android experience overall. Nexus One owners have had access to Froyo for several months now, and it is definitely a recommended update, from what they say. Not only does it seem “snappier” in everyday use, it also adds some major features.

Support for putting apps on your external SD card was added, for example. Many Android phones like the Nexus One have fairly limited built in memory, and are really meant for use with an external SD card. But until Froyo, Android didn’t allow you putting apps on the SD card. This was probably to prevent the sharing of paid apps, but I guess Google must of figured out a way to allow apps on an SD card without running on other devices they are not authorized on.

Another major feature brought on by 2.2 is official support for tethering. If you didn’t know already, this allows your supported phone to become a Wifi access point for other devices, such as nearby laptops by using the 3G or EDGE connection available on your Android device. This can be really useful for your Wifi-only devices, since this gives you the ability to potentially give internet access to any internet enabled device wherever you are, whether that be the park, the airport, or even inside a bus! In fact, I bought a Wifi only iPad because I felt I could use the EDGE tethering on my iPhone whenever I needed ‘anywhere’ connectivity.

There is also a lot of added ‘polish’ on 2.2. Things like having dedicated shortcuts for the phone, application launcher, and browser are now on the home screen. Depending on the device, you may also get a flashlight app included as well so you can use the LED flash on the back of many modern camera phones to illuminate dark areas. It also adds support for using the LED while using the camcorder feature, if you ever want to take video in a not so well lit area.

People who know about Android 2.2 but do not yet have access to it on their devices will probably be excited to know that they will be getting it soon!

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