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New ‘iPad 2’ almost official: Apple sends out official invitations to a media event March 2nd.

February 24th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The above is an official image that accompanied the official invitations sent out by Apple. As you can see, the image is of a enlarged calendar icon used in iOS showing a March 2nd date, along with one corner peeling away showing an iPad, hinting strongly that this event will be about iPad, and almost certainly means they will announce the next iPad at this event. I suppose Apple is not as cryptic as they used to be when they announce media events, but then again, almost everyone is sure that it will be iPad focused, so why hide it?

The most credible rumors for the iPad 2 allows us to make predictions about what to expect. Likely new features include updated graphics, a new dual core processor, and at least 1, if not 2 new cameras. Slightly more vague rumors say the screen will likely be the same resolution, but will address the reflectivity of the original iPad, and perhaps be a slightly nicer screen in some way, such as contrast or brightness, or possibly slightly better viewing angles. Most rumors also say the device will be slimmer and lighter in weight, and have a brand new industrial design. Also likely is iOS 4.3 with facetime support for video chatting on the device.

I for one, am excited to see what Apple will bring to the table. Apple says “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.” I don’t think they will be messing around and purposely keeping features out this year (such as cameras!), as competition will undoubtedly be fiercer this year for Tablets with Android 3.0 being ready. I’m sure Apple would like to give as few reasons as possible for consumers to consider a competing Tablet to their market leading iPad.

As for the rumored double resolution display of the new iPad, I don’t think it’ll happen this time around. My fingers are crossed that it’ll be in the next revision, as I would love a doubled resolution iPad and would upgrade for that feature alone.