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At what point is a screen too big to be ‘mobile’?

Screen Sizes: How big is too big?

At what point is a screen too big to be portable? The old PSP had a 4.3 inch screen, and while I felt it was generous, I never felt like it was too big to not be portable. The popular HTC EVO phone also sports a 4.3 inch touchscreen, and I felt it was the perfect size. Big enough to comfortably browse the internet or watch videos on, yet still manageable to carry around without a second thought. At some point though, it becomes too big to be a handheld, not to mention weight may start to become a concern at a certain size. The perfect guinea pig for the 5 inch screen size is the Dell Streak, which I hear was not marketed as a phone, but more of a tablet. Well, at least to me, hardware with a tablet interface (touchscreen), tablet OS (Android…), and phone functionality included IS A PHONE! Reviews I have seen or read have said the Dell pushes the size just a pinch too far, making it too big to be portable, yet too small to be useful or comfortable as a tablet. On the other hand, I’m sure Sony have done the research and feel this is what they need in their next portable console to duke it out with the Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the current market leader, the Nintendo DSi.