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Flash 10.2 declared ‘stable’. Gets GPU hardware acceleration.

A small but noteworthy update to Adobe Flash

Very recently Abode released Flash 10.2 stable, taking the software out of its beta state. Although a small jump from Adobe 10.1 to 10.2 seems insignificant, they added what I consider one major new feature, which is hardware acceleration using the GPU. In my own tests, I have confirmed that flash videos on youtube now use far less CPU compared to 10.1. In one example, I used the one of the Adobe suggested examples to test CPU usage. The video is embedded after the cut:

While using Flash 10.1, I used anywhere from 90-110% of the CPU (meaning it is using both cores), vs. just 20-30% CPU after the update as monitored by Activity Monitor in OSX. This is a significant decrease and I would assume it would lead to snappier performance while using Flash, as well as reduced temperatures and fan speeds. For notebook users, this can also mean increased battery life. Why not download the update and try it for yourself?