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The ‘Playstation Phone’ makes a superbowl appearance!

The ‘Playstation Phone’ gets a superbowl commercial

The ‘Playstation Phone’, which, for the record, I think will flop, released a new commercial during the Superbowl. Thats some serious marketing muscle they are putting behind this phone for an introduction, isn’t it? As for the release date, it similarly will be officially announced on February 13th, though unlike the Atrix, its official release date is a bit more vague at “sometime in March 2011”. I honestly don’t see how this phone will compete in hype with the Atrix unless it can play some or all of the existing sony titles. To me, it just seems like they took a standard somewhat high end smartphone and put Playstation-like buttons instead of a keyboard. If those buttons do not become a key feature, there is absolutely nothing noteworthy that differentiates this smartphone. Perhaps it is Sony’s attempt to fill in the void while people wait for the PSP2 due much later this year?