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The latest ‘iPad 2’ rumors

Latest iPad 2 rumors

Getting back to the iPad successor, many rumors are now swirling around and one of note is the doubled resolution screen. While I also would like it to be fact rather that rumor, I think this would be asking too much from Apple and unlikely. Through much of January there has been a lot of back and fourth between sources claiming it will or it will not have this new double resolution screen, though the momentum and likeliness leaning towards this NOT happening *sadface*. It does seem pretty likely that the new iPad will have a faster processor and GPU though, as well as at least one, if not 2 cameras and a new slimmer and sleeker design. Software wise, it’ll probably have iOS 4.2.1 to begin, or possibly come out of the box with 4.3 who knows? Despite the recent update to Flash which added hardware GPU acceleration, Flash is still unlikely in my opinion…