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Samsung announces successors to Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S products

February 15th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Samsung announces imminent release of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S 2 series

Samsung has lifted the veil off of its new Galaxy line of products. Yesterday Samsung releaved the new Galaxy S 2 Smartphone as well as a new tablet, called the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The new Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the natural successor to the popular Galaxy S line. It is uncertain whether there will be serveral versions of the Galaxy S 2 like its predecessor, which varied in many ways such as the inclusion of a slide out keyboard or LED flash features. Currently, there is one version being shown off, and BOY does it look nice! Here are the known specs:

Galaxy S 2 specs:
1ghz dual core processor made by Samsung.
4.27″ Super AMOLED Plus display, an updated version of the much praised Super AMOLED.
Runs Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ out of the box.
2 Megapixel front facing camera
8 Megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash.
Supports HSPA+

I have to admit, I have had a strong interest in this phone since the vaguest of rumors started floating around for it. The specs seemed incredible at the time (and are still great today!). For the most part, those rumors turned out to be true, with one disappointment: I was expecting 960×640 resolution, like the iPhone 4. It otherwise has everything I love, that is a 4.3 inch screen, which I feel is at the sweetspot of smartphone screen sizes, a beautiful industrial design, and is SUPER SLIM at just 8.49mm thin! By comparison, the iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world at the time of release, is 9.3mm thin. It is still considered super thin, so I can only imagine how thin the Galaxy S 2 will feel once I see it in person. Depending on how impressed I am with the iPhone 5 later in the summer, I may finally make the jump to Android instead of Apple!

Getting back on topic, Samsung also announced their Galaxy tab 10.1. Like the name suggests, it is a 10.1 inch version of the Galaxy Tab, with a 1280×800 resolution. However, a bigger screen is not all that differentiates this tablet from its former 7 inch cousin, as the new 10.1 inch tablet also houses a 1ghz dual core processor, HSPA+, and dual 8MP and 2MP cameras, much like its Galaxy S 2 smartphone. The tablet will run Google Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ which Google says is designed specifically for tablets, and will come with 16gb or 32gb of internal flash storage.

Release dates and pricing for North America were not revealed as far as we know.